Chief Executive, The Wellington Community Trust

The Wellington Community Trust manages a significant investment portfolio and makes a wide range of grants to the Wellington region community.

JacksonStone & Partners worked with the Chair and Board of Trustees to appoint a high calibre CEO to lead the organisation through a refreshed strategic direction and to contribute to thought leadership in philanthropy.

Through a combination of search activity and an attraction campaign, a large pool of quality candidates was identified from which the Board appointed Georgie Ferrari, a high-performing leader in Australia’s community sector, as the Trust’s new CEO.

JacksonStone supported our desire to maintain a Board-led approach to the recruitment of our Chief Executive Officer.  Their valuable candidate assessments, insights and expertise were instrumental in helping the Board to make confident decisions during all phases of the recruitment process.  They demonstrated exceptional understanding of the market and applicants.  They were understanding of diversity issues and ensured we received applications across a very broad experience spectrum.  We believe they helped us achieve an optimal outcome.  We are extremely happy with our appointment.

Gerardine Clifford-Lidstone

Chairperson, Wellington Community Trust