We tautoko (support) you in the search and selection of qualified and experienced talent.

Our role in executive search and recruitment is to find the right people to enable state-sector and Māori organisations achieve their kaupapa (purpose). With a respectful understanding of te ao Māori, we will assist you in making high-quality executive, board, trustee and specialised kaupapa Māori role appointments.

‘With the ongoing restoration of an economic base for Māori and state-level political partnership, there is an ever-increasing demand for leadership within a Māori context.’

— Russell Spratt, Principal Consultant in Māori recruitment

We find the leaders you need to advance your kaupapa (purpose).

We deliver:

  • A quality candidate pool.
  • An excellent experience for candidates.
  • Access to a bespoke digital advertising channel for the greatest reach.
  • Management of the large administrative workload.
  • Reduced legal risk when hiring.

We resource organisations from a people perspective, so they advance and flourish.

What we bring

Our process

Our clients tell us where they want to head, and we help them assess who they need to help them on the journey. Together, we navigate the complexity and potential of the sector to get the best people for the role. Specifically for Māori organisations this involves the need to manage multimillion-dollar asset bases, and guiding visions for a long and sustainable future socially, environmentally and fiscally. Furthermore, for all Māori and state-funded organisations there is a concern for health and well-being (hauora), education (mātauranga) and cultural (tikanga) dimensions.

Service features

We deliver:

  • An end-to-end service from attraction through to appointment.
  • A combination of attraction and search strategies to assemble the best candidate pool.
  • Rigorous candidate selection procedures.
  • Talent pools suitable for niche sectors and roles.
  • Project management of change programmes.
  • Recruitment for organisational start-ups.

Total confidence and integrity

We are experienced in dealing with sensitive and confidential information from both clients and candidates. You can be assured that all communications are handled with the strictest confidence and we only share specified information, and strictly on request.


To speak with one of our team, please call +64 4 550 8000 or email us on contactus@jacksonstone.co.nz