March 27, 2020
Mobilising new people and teams

JacksonStone is fully operational and working throughout the lockdown period. We’re helping clients build new teams to fight COVID-19 and find specialist contractors for the crisis environment, as well as assisting with clients’ usual search and recruitment needs.

Disruption is different for different sectors and disciplines. For example, we are seeing an increased need for experienced senior project people who can operate in crisis environments, and who can hit the ground running.

We know most of the skilled and reliable contractors and consultants and can advise on the best skills and fit for specific roles and needs. With knowledge of who is in the market right now, we can source the right person quicker than most.

Senior, permanent roles are also continuing to come in through this period, including level two positions and a number of chief executive positions around the country.

JacksonStone has significant scale and capability, as well as being part of a wider recruitment group. You can depend on us right through the COVID-19 crisis.

As part of the AWF Madison Group (Absolute IT, Madison and AWF), we can put you in touch with Group colleagues who offer excellent reach and speed when recruiting white- and blue-collar workers. For example, AWF Madison is currently recruiting 200 people for a new COVID-19 contact centre in Auckland – a task that would usually take months will be completed in three days.

A high-trust model is essential at this time

With many long-term relationships across our client base, we are working on a high-trust model to enable us all to work together quickly to resource for the COVID-19 lockdown.

Current trends

As expected, and referenced above, there has been a huge surge in demand for contact centre and customer service staff across the public, private and not-for profit sectors.

And since last week, we have seen much higher than usual levels of traffic across the various advertising and networking platforms that we use. In addition, our search activity is delivering good results as people become easier to access. Another trend is the number of high-quality candidates returning from overseas and looking for new roles. So, despite the lockdown, it is a good time to take roles to market.

Our capability

As all our systems and processes are in the cloud, we have access to everything we need to manage end-to-end assignments. Our 20 senior consultants are successfully conducting interviews and meetings via virtual meeting apps and telephone, and we are assisting clients with their own technology so that their panels can interview candidates.

Our team continues to work collaboratively on all roles, using the ideas and networks of all our consultants to come up with the right answers.

Strategic advice on capability

We are available for brainstorming and strategic advice in this altered environment, as are our sister companies in the wider AWF Madison Group. We can help you build capability by finding the right skills and the right fit within tight timeframes.

Maintaining morale and productivity

Like most employers, we are keeping up daily contact with our team while we all work remotely. We start each day with a full team meeting over Zoom, sharing assignments and helping each other find the right people for specific roles. Smaller groups break off to discuss particular assignments.

‘Our priorities are the health of our people and the needs of our clients,’ says David Hollander, Chief Executive of JacksonStone. ‘We are all looking out for our colleagues, our clients and candidates. A high-trust environment is everything right now.’


David Hollander, Chief Executive